Trick or Treating Safety Tips

October 31st, 2013 Uncategorized
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Trick or Treating is an event that children of all ages look forward to every year. Before you head out this Halloween night, here are a few important tips and tricks that will help make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience:

Plan your trip ahead of time

Try to stick to well-lit paths and trails that both you and your children are familiar with. For kids that are old enough to travel on their own, make sure they know exactly where they are allowed to go and make sure they have a curfew that they stick to. Most townships have curfews enacted for Halloween night, so make sure your children are home well before that time.

Make sure you are visible to drivers

For dark and hard to see costumes, it is a good idea to apply reflective tape to your child’s costume to help drivers see them along the roads as they go door to door. Always carry a flashlight with you as you go trick or treating with your kids, this will further help drivers spot you, and will make you less likely to trip in the dark.

Costumes shouldn’t be long enough to impede walking

Long costumes and capes that drag on the ground can be dangerous, especially at night with reduced visibility. Always check your child’s costume before leaving to trick or treat to make sure it does not touch the ground. You don’t want your child to trip, or accidentally trip one of their friends.

Wear comfortable footwear

Trick or treating involves a lot of walking. Your children should always wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk and climb steps in. Never let girls wear high heels, as this will drastically increase their chances for tripping and falling in the dark.

Don’t let your children wear constricting masks or carry accessories that can harm others

Masks can often make it hard to see, and can even impede normal breathing. If possible, ditch the mask and use skin safe makeup to complete the look. Any mask that is worn should first be tested to make sure it fits properly and the child can see clearly.

For costumes that require accessories, always make sure these items are soft and flexible, never anything that could potentially be used as a weapon or injure a child of they fall.

Always check your child’s candy after trick or treating

After your kids return from their trick or treating adventure, inspect their candy. Make sure to throw out any candy that is not in a wrapper or looks like it may have been opened.

If you follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to a fun and safe Halloween night.