What our clients say about our performance, service and trust.

Ronald – From the very beginning, with his very warm, reassuring manner, Robert (who immediately put us on a friendly, first-name relationship) was able to alter my state of mind from one of frustration and desperation to one of hopefulness and confidence, telling me that I need worry no longer because he would handle everything, he took the load of this situation off my shoulders and put it on his own. Calming my anxiety down, he methodically took down all the facts of my case and framed a powerful, comprehensive legal document seeking monetary compensation on my behalf. Throughout this case, Robert Fellows demonstrated his complete professionalism as well as humanitarian commitment to the needs of his clients. He was always available, always courteous and compassionate. Never condescending, he never talks down to his clients but always shows the kind of respect that puts his clients on a pedestal. I continue to maintain contact with him, a man whom I will never forget, who goes far in reversing the often-negative image of the legal profession. Thanks to Robert Fellows, although I didn’t think we had a chance, we actually won the case, attaining a positive financial settlement and, more importantly for me, personal satisfaction through resolution and closure. Robert Fellows represents the ideal champion crusader for true justice on behalf of the people.

Maria– Mr. Fellows handled a physical injury lawsuit on my behalf. He was always immediately responsive to my emails, phone calls and concerns. He continually demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a diligent work ethic in researching and presenting my case. Mr. Fellows calm demeanor, sensitivity and genuine concern in regard to my obtaining a satisfactory resolution to my lawsuit was ever present and most reassuring. He is absolutely wonderful and I found him to be a dedicated, relentless advocate on my behalf.

Tejsa – The tears I shed weren’t anything other than relief, relief that someone heard my story, felt my pain and confidently stood before strangers and released all my tension. No amount of words can proclaim my gratitude, but take my testimony, word for word, and know it comes from my heart. I thank all of you guys.

Maria B. – Rob, just to let you know I received my check today.  I sincerely want to thank and  your caring supportive staff for your genuine concern and diligence on my behalf.  It was extremely gratifying and reassuring knowing that I could rely on your professionalism and kindness. Thank you so much.


Ronald S. – I’m never going to forget what you did. Make sure you take care of another person like you did for me when you get an opportunity. You are an amazing attorney that said “Let’s get it done,” and went out and did it.  God loves you. Take care and be healthy. Take those long bike rides. God Bless.


Maria H. – Thank you very much for all you did for my family and I really appreciate all your help.


Helen R. – I am sending this note to thank you very much for handling my “broken wrist” case. Without your support, patience and perseverance it never would have had such a rewarding ending. My best to you!


Ed A. – Mr. Fellows is the best of the best. He managed my case very professionally, was extremely considerate, and always kept me informed. He was able to take a case with many pitfalls and turn it into a winner. He is always the optimist, and I never doubted for one moment that I made the right choice to represent me.


James S., Attorney – Robert Fellows is an excellent attorney who demonstrates the highest levels of skill and professionalism. I would recommend him to any individual seeking intelligent, experienced and appropriately aggressive representation in a personal injury matter. I frequently refer clients to him, as I know they will be in good hands and I have always heard only the best feedback on his work. He is well respected by the bench and bar and I offer him my most sincere recommendation without hesitation.


Eve K. – It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Fellows and all his staff. Very attentive, understanding sympathetic and got me the desired results!! Anyone I know who has worked with Mr. Fellows and his team has been very pleased!!


Leland & Lisa P. – Leland and I wanted to thank you and your staff for handling our case expeditiously with such proficiency and professionalism. We really appreciated the fact that you kept us abreast of the developments concerning the particulars of our case and the rapport you, Sandra and Jahna established with us made us feel regarded as more than just clients. Our experience with your firm was not typical and for that we are grateful. Please thank for us anyone not mentioned who worked behind the scenes in pursuit of the positive outcome. If the opportunity arises, we will, without a doubt, highly recommend your firm to render services. Thanks again, Steve. It was our pleasure to conduct business with you.


Jerry M. – To Rob and all the great folks at Fellows Hymowitz Rice. Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort. I can’t tell you how much you have done for me. It’s been a pleasure having you represent me; I tell everyone you are the best Law Firm ever!


Jay K., Attorney – I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have known Mr. Fellows for twenty years and have had many professional dealings with him. I have received only positive feedback from individuals that I suggested to contact him. I would recommend Mr. Fellows to anyone who is seeking a personal injury lawyer.


Jeffrey A., Attorney – I endorse this lawyer. Rob is an excellent attorney, truly cares about his clients, supports the community and is genuinely a nice person. He is respected by the Court and attorneys, he works with and against. We have known each many years. Over that time have acquired a mutual respect and affinity for each other.


Gary C. – Words cannot express the relief my wife and I had yesterday after your call. And words cannot express our thanks for all your help and support these past 7 years. When things were the worst for me, you believed in me. You fought for me tirelessly and dedicated, through many, many hours of depositions. You gave of your time and your interest to bring justice for me. You wrote many, many letters (and continue to do so) to see that I get my due rights. You are indeed a unique individual, and I thank you and my wife thanks you. We thank you for this settlement, for the end of endless hours and endless worries and endless sleepless nights due to my illness. We thank you for your professionalism and your awareness of our worries. We thank you.


J.L – Just a note of thanks for your care and time you provided on my behalf. I appreciate you taking on my case when no one would and the follow up your staff provided. We are truly grateful. Take Care.


Helene S. – Thank you for helping me through some very tough times. I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me including the kindness and concern. It has meant more than you can realize. Many Thanks!


Ann Marie J. – Thank you very much for your help with my case. I really appreciate the time you took to help bring it to a close!


Mrs. M – Thank you for the effort you made in our lawsuit. Thank you also for your kind words about M. Because of his respect for you, we chose you to represent us in this case.