Sex Abuse Lawyers Greene County

Sex Abuse Lawyers In Greene County

Victims of clergy and child sexual assaults and abuses can seek justice. Fellows Hymowitz Rice has efficiently sought settlement for the physical and mental damage caused by mistreatment. These cases have become quite typical in the news, at the hands of individuals we are said to be in a position to trust including:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Clergy & priests
  • Medical professionals (doctor, dentist, therapist)
  • Camp Staff
  • Relatives
  • Day care workers

Whenever a child is violated in a sexual assault – the perpetrator is committing a crime with lasting mental health problems.

Greene County Clergy Abuse Law Firm

If you or your son or daughter was sexually assaulted by a member of clergy – the attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice will be ready to assist you.  While they are the most surprising crimes against society today – we cut through the difficulties of such situations to right problems that could have lifelong effects.  Note – many of these cases aren’t brought forward until later in the victim’s life when the full aftereffect of the violation has been sensed & justice is wanted. The legal professionals at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have experience in submitting cases to victim settlement funds and can guide you to the best remedies for your individual case.  We pride our law firm in our capability to provide specific attention to your circumstance. Fellows Hymowitz Rice has over a century of combined experience representing abuse victims and their own families.  

Responsibility in sexual abuse cases often depends on the next:

  • Improper background checks on employees
  • Inaction to conduct research once reported
  • Efforts to conceal or hide the abuse
  • Improper personnel training regarding such abuses

In some cases – Fellows Hymowitz Rice has filed suit against indirect parties – who hid or shielded abusers, as these people are also guilty in allowing the abuse to happen.  Damages can even be sought in such instances.

Safeguarding the Victims Rights

Sexual abuse victims are allowed by our legal system to pursue legal charges as well as file a lawsuit in civil court. The legal case seeks to punish the abuser, the civil case seeks monetary damages.  We can seek a good settlement which may include repayment for mental suffering endured.

Contacting A Sex Abuse Legal Professional 

If you or someone you care about are the victim of sexual abuse and wish to seek justice by means of a settlement – we urge you to get a hold of our office.  Our experienced and experienced attorneys understand how tough it is for an abuse victim to re-live the past. We can assist you through the entire process of seeking justice, and keep you up to date of our improvement along the way.

sex abuse attorneys in Greene CountyOur Child Abuse Lawyers are on Your Side

At Fellows Hymowitz Rice we stand with survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy members.  We ensure you as well as your family receive the help you will need. Our team of Greene County Clergy Abuse Lawyers will exhaust all possible method of obtaining justice for you.  We stand up for the subjects of sexual abuse and provide resources for their psychological and emotional harm. Call today: (845)639-9300