Severe Winter Weather System Impacts New York Roadways

January 6th, 2015 Car Accidents,Driver Safety,News
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A severe winter weather system, known as a “clipper”, delivered light snow and heavy winds to the New York area early this morning, and will likely continue to affect the region for the remainder of the week. The National Weather Service announced that 2015’s first winter storm has impacted roadways and air travel across the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country, and temperatures are expected to remain dangerously low for the next several days.

Most estimates expect the worst of the snow to pass through the New York and Northeast region by Tuesday afternoon, but freezing temperatures and heavy winds will continue to make travel difficult for New York City and Rockland County residents until at least Sunday, January 11th.

News outlets are also warning that the precipitation and temperatures as low as 10° F could create icy and dangerous conditions on roads and sidewalks.

Here are a few helpful winter weather-driving tips to keep in mind as you commute to work or school this week:

Prepare your vehicle before the snow begins:

– Make sure that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated
– Make sure your battery is fully charged
– Make sure your front and rear windshield-wipers are functioning properly.
– All of these will help to navigating through hazardous winter driving conditions.

Get a head start: Stay up to date on the weather forecast

– Try to avoid driving during the peak of the storm.
– If you cannot stay off the roads, allow yourself some extra time to arrive at your destination.
– The risk of skidding is highest during the winter months, and keeping your speed under control makes your car easier to handle and provides you with extra time to react to obstacles and other drivers.

Pack an emergency kit:

– Keep some crucial tools in your trunk or back seat
– A good ice scraper, sand or kitty litter will help you escape a snow bank
– Road flares
– Extra antifreeze
– Windshield washer fluid
– A flash light
– A first aid kit
– A shovel

At Fellows Hymowitz Rice, P.C, we know that accidents can happen even with proper preparation. Reckless drivers and improperly maintained walkways can cause serious injuries, so exercise caution while walking or driving outside this week.

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