The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposes rigorous standards of safety on all foods, consumer products, medical devices, and prescription medications before they can be sold to consumers. This safety testing helps keeps consumers safe from products that could be harmful or dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are occasions where products are approved by the FDA, only to later be revealed as hazardous for any number of reasons. When the FDA discovers that a product being sold to consumers carries a serious enough safety risk, it is recalled, or removed, from the market.

The FDA keeps a running list of all products that it deems worthy of a recall on their website. To view the complete list of recalled products, or search for a product by category or keyword, click here.

In addition, the FDA provides regular consumer updates to keep you and your family up-to-date on potentially hazardous drugs, products, food, medications and more. To read more about the FDA’s consumer updates, click here.

If a consumer is harmed or injured by a product that has been recalled, they may be able to file a product liability claim. At Fellows Hymowitz, we represent consumers that have been harmed by dangerous or recalled products including:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products
  • Prescription medications

Products liability injuries can be the result of negligence on the part of a manufacturer. If you or a loved one are injured by a defective, unsafe or recalled product, medication or medical device, call Fellows Hymowitz today at 845-639-9300 for a FREE, confidential consultation.

When you call, one of our caring, dedicated attorneys will investigate every detail of your situation at no cost to you. Our experienced New York and New Jersey Product Liability attorneys will help you find answers and fight hard to protect your rights.

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At Fellows Hymowitz, we fight aggressively to protect the rights of people injured by recalled products. If you are injured as the result of a recalled product, you can be confident that Fellows Hymowitz will fight to secure the best possible outcome for your accident claim.

Call Fellows Hymowitz today at 845-639-9300 for a FREE, confidential consultation. When you call, an experienced New York and New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer will investigate every detail of your accident at no cost to you.

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