Premises Liability Lawyer Greene County

Greene County Premises Liability Attorneys

A property owner has a legal responsibility to keep their property safe.  Dangers must be cleared and safety regulations and regular maintenance must be honored.   Failure to do so may lead to serious injury. Fellows Hymowitz Rice assists clientele in holding property owners accountable for your serious injuries.  Common Greene County premises liability accidents that occur include:

  • Weather Related Dangers: Snow and Ice
  • Unsecured Construction Garbage
  • Poor / Lacking Adequate Lighting
  • Slip & Fall
  • Elevator Accidents
  • Insufficient Security
  • Parking Lot Injuries
  • Pool Accidents
  • Building Code Violations
  • Improperly Constructed Walkways

Receiving Compensation or Any Premises Liability

Premises liability situations require investigation and adherence to even the smallest details to guarantee success.   Only top notch personal injury attorneys do such homework to guarantee success in the form of proper settlement to the premises liability victim. Another item that will require an expert lawyer in such cases is proper establishment of liability and proving negligence. Owners of buildings and their insurance companies can do everything possible to dodge a settlement — Fellows Hymowitz Rice knows how to keep a responsible party liable and unable to elude their responsibility to the public or their visitors. We work hard to ensure you get fair and proper compensation for your injuries – hopefully teaching the premises owner a valuable lesson and avoiding future accidents and injuries.

Contact A Greene County Premises Liability Lawyer

First – it’s important to do something quickly as evidence of the problem that caused your accident may be removed or rectified.   Second – it is critical to hire an experienced premises injury attorney to conduct your negotiations with property insurance firms they have experienced lawyers doing work for them, and guarantee a good outcome so should you.  So if you’ve been seriously injured or experienced an accident and feel a property owner is responsible – contact the Premises Experts at Fellows Hymowitz Rice (845)639-9300

premises liability attorney Greene County