Premises Liability Claims Happen More Than You Think

January 11th, 2013 Uncategorized
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Millions of people were injured last year due to slip and fall and other premises liability accidents.

Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep their premises safe. Not only must an owner maintain the property to adhere to all local property laws regarding how the property looks and any applicable permits and keeping valid insurance, but they are also responsible for making sure the property is free of hazardous conditions that could potentially harm a visitor, guest, customer or tenant.

If an owner does not keep their property in a safe condition and someone is injured, the owner can be held legally responsible for all injuries, medical costs and additional damages sought by the injured party.

Premises liability law encompasses all property types, including homes, businesses, corporate buildings, parks and construction sites.  When a person, business or government agency owns, manages, or generally controls a property, they can be held responsible for injuries that occur. This goes far beyond keeping a sidewalk shoveled and removing tree debris.

You may have heard “clean up on aisle three!” from a loudspeaker while shopping for groceries. Businesses and property owners must be diligent with cleaning up or repairing any potential situation that could cause harm promptly. There are a number of ways to be proactive to help avoid Premises Liability Claims:

Potential Property Hazards
Hazards can include warped stairs, pot holes in a parking lot or an un-shoveled and icy sidewalk. By informing your guests of potential hazards, you will greatly help reduce the risk that they will be injured, and that you will be held accountable.

Always Inspect your Property Regularly
This step is very important for both commercial and residential property owners. Sometimes hazards remain hidden unless sought out. You may have a loose railing you were not aware of, or maybe some electrical wiring has become faulty without your knowledge. With regular inspections, you will always know if your property is safe for guests and what issues need immediate attention. Remember to fix any issues as soon as you can to avoid liability.

Maintain Appropriate Premises Liability Insurance
If you own a property, whether it is residential or commercial, it is critical to have enough premises liability insurance. Your property owners insurance policy should provide this for you, however you should always read through your policy to understand exactly what is covered, and how much money is available to pay for any injury claims that you may be liable for.  If you don’t believe you are properly ensured, you can always buy a supplemental premises liability insurance policy to cover your needs.

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