“Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises safe and free from potential hazardous conditions.”

When you are a property owner, you are responsible for the upkeep and safety of your land. For example, if a handrail becomes loose, you are obligated to address this issue to ensure visitors are safe. Likewise, you are responsible to shovel and maintain your sidewalk to ensure pedestrians do not slip. These duties are part of the core responsibilities to owning property.

Similarly, when you enter the premises of another property owner, whether it be a commercial building, doctor’s office, or even friend’s house, your safety is in their hands. Property owners are obligated to regulate the upkeep and safety of their land. They must ensure their property is free from dangerous conditions, meaning all safety hazards are properly and immediately addressed.

Unfortunately, some owners are neglectful when it comes to addressing the dangers of their property. This kind of carelessness puts others in danger of injury that otherwise could have been avoided.

Fellows Hymowitz Rice reaches out to those injured from unsafe, dangerous, hazardous or defective premises. We will advocate for you, protect your rights and hold negligent property owners accountable. We will fight to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your injury claim. We’ve been successful in attaining settlements for our clients in our entire service region: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Westchester County and the surrounding areas.

Premises liability cases include:

Slip, Trip and Falls

Individual property owners, as well as businesses, have a responsibility to keep walkways, aisles and stairs clear of harmful conditions. If you slip, trip or fall on slippery floors, on ice or snow covered pavement, uneven walkways or from a defect in a parking lot or driveway, you may have a slip, trip or fall claim.

Negligent Security

If your landlord or an operator of a shopping mall or hotel is aware of criminal activity, but fails to take precautions to protect tenants, visitors, shoppers or guests, and you are harmed, you may have a negligent security claim.

Structural Collapses and Falling Trees

Whether you are on a deck or walking across a yard, and there is a sudden structural collapse or a falling tree, you can be killed or seriously injured. You may have an unsafe premises claim if an owner is derelict in the maintenance or management of property.


A municipality cannot create dangerous or unsafe conditions, which cause injury on roadways or at public facilities. Under certain circumstances, you may have a claim against a city, town or village for creating or causing a defective or dangerous condition.


Debris, water, pallets, or other objects on the floor of a supermarket create tripping hazards to shoppers. Owners and operators of supermarkets have the same obligations as other property owners to maintain the interior and exterior of their premises in a reasonably safe condition to prevent unnecessary risk of injury.

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