Medication is not something to be taken lightly- powerful drugs have the ability to reverse the health conditions of a sick or injured person and serves as an aid to their health. Medication serves as a catalyst to help a sick or injured person regain their strength after a serious medical procedure or traumatic life event. Unfortunately, medication also has the ability to serve negative outcomes, such as injuries, a decline in health and even fatality.

These negative outcomes are hardly ever the patients fault- many of the time, patients are given incorrect medications, given the wrong doses of medication or the medication is wrongly injected.

If you are allergic to a certain type of medication and your doctor fails to review your chart to note allergies or does not ask about your allergies, you could fall victim to a medication error.

After a mistake in medication has been made, the outcomes can be permanent and devastating. With medicine names sounding similar, the writing of prescriptions being illegible and the overall commotion and stress of hospitals, medication errors are an unfortunate occurrence in hospitals. Every year, 1.3 million patients are victims of medication errors in the United States. These types of cases make up about one quarter of medical malpractice claims each year.

The most common medication errors are:

  • Incomplete patient information (failing to take a complete history to
    identify allergies, other medications or previous diagnoses)
  • Unavailable drug information (lack of up-to-date warnings)
  • Miscommunication of drug orders (illegible handwriting, confusing
    drugs with similar names, or misuse of decimal points)

These medication errors may qualify as medical malpractice. If your doctor writes a prescription in illegible handwriting, this can lead to a pharmacist filling the wrong medicine or prescribing the wrong dosage. You should not be responsible for someone else’s carelessness.

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