from Falls

“Most slip, trip and fall incidents are preventable with general precautions and simple safety measures.”

Whether you fell on snow or ice, from a scaffold or ladder while on the job, or over a poorly maintained sidewalk or parking lot, your injuries may be serious. Fellows Hymowitz Rice represents those who have been injured from preventable falls.

We will advocate for you, protect your rights, hold wrongdoers accountable and fight to achieve the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Injuries from Falls may include:

• Broken bones
• Brain injury
• Spine, neck and back injury
• Neurological injury
• Paralysis
• Closed head injury

After you’ve been injured in a fall, Fellows Hymowitz Rice will fight to get you compensation for:

• Past and future pain and suffering
• Loss of income
• Loss of enjoyment of life
• Medical care and expenses

If you have been injured from a fall,

Fellows Hymowitz Rice may be able to help.