When contractors and a construction site’s landowner work together, it is crucially important that they communicate effectively and collaborate on all safety regulations and best practices designed to minimize the risk of workplace injuries. If the contractors hired to assist on a construction project are negligent or do not follow the proper safety guidelines, workers risk being seriously injured or even killed.

Work sites often consist of a collection of different construction companies and contractors that are brought together in order to complete a specific project. In many cases, tasks on a site may be assigned to “sub” or “independent” contractors that specialize in certain aspects of construction site management or operation.

When an employee suffers a serious or even fatal injury on a part of a construction site that was not properly maintained or supervised by either a contractor or the landowner, they may be eligible to seek compensation for their injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set forth strict guidelines in an effort to help protect the safety of workers on construction sites. If you or a love one suffered serious injury or even death because a contractor was negligent and failed to follow the proper standards of workplace safety, you will need an experienced legal team by your side to help you secure the justice you deserve.

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