Brain Damage

Infant Brain Damage

Brain injuries can occur during pregnancy, labor, delivery or following birth. Birth trauma to the brain can cause severe and debilitating life-long damage. In some cases, brain damage occurs at the hands of your physician or another healthcare provider. When a baby suffers brain damage at birth, you, as a parent, want answers. You want to know what went wrong. Sometimes the only way to do this is through the discovery process of a lawsuit.

Brain Damage Medical Malpractice can result from:

• Delaying a C-section
• Using excessive force during delivery
• Miscalculating the size of the baby
• Failing to recognize or treat umbilical cord complications
• Failing to recognize or treat signs of fetal distress
• Failing to identify and monitor gestational diabetes

Signs that indicate your baby may have suffered brain damage at birth include:

• Poor sucking
• Seizures 24-48 hours following birth
• Blue skin
• Resuscitation at or shortly following birth

If you suspect that your doctor or other health care provider failed to detect or properly treat or manage potential issues during your pregnancy, labor, delivery or following birth, contact Fellows Hymowitz Rice immediately. We will help you understand what went wrong and why. If injury to your child was the result of preventable medical error, we will strive to recover the compensation, which will help secure their future.

If your child has suffered a brain injury,

Fellows Hymowitz Rice may be able to help.