Attorney Negligence

When you hire an attorney, you depend upon a relationship of trust. When you are damaged or harmed by an attorney who neglects your case, or fails to provide the professional and competent service you deserve, there may be grounds for an attorney malpractice claim.

To determine if you have been the victim of attorney negligence, consider the following:

• Did your lawyer allow the “Statute of Limitations” to expire, preventing your lawsuit?
• Did your attorney settle your case without permission, for an inadequate amount, or below all available insurance coverage?
• Did you lose your case because your lawyer improperly drafted a document?
• Did you lose your case due to inadequate preparation, a flawed investigation or incompetence at trial?
• Did your lawyer sue the wrong party?
• Did your lawyer neglect to file a “Notice of Claim” or filed one too late?

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35,000 people are victimized by attorney malpractice each year, and file claims against the lawyers who have legal malpractice insurance. But, only an estimated 60% of all lawyers have malpractice insurance, which may leave many clients uncompensated.

Examples of Attorney Malpractice include:

• Allowing the Statute of Limitations to expire
• Failing to file a Notice of Claim
• Incompetence
• Attorney Negligence
• Breach of Fiduciary Duty
• Breach of Attorney-Client Contract

If you were harmed by attorney malpractice,

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