Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Newburgh

Pedestrian Incident Attorneys in Newburgh

Motorists have a responsibility to yield right of way to pedestrians. When they neglect to uphold this responsibility – accidents take place and people suffer significant injury due to negligent motorists. Fellows Hymowitz Rice pedestrian injury legal professionals in the Newburgh area work to get our clients the compensation they need to proceed with proper health care and hopefully resume a typical life.  

Drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road with regards to pedestrians must be held accountable for the results of these actions.   Often times the negligence of the driver who hits a pedestrian has done so due to:

  • Outside Distractions
  • Speeding
  • Text Messaging
  • Under Influence of Alcohol

To pursue settlement – we analyze your accident, talk with witnesses and conduct a thorough review of the facts in the accident report.  We file suit on your behalf on the contingency basis — therefore, there is no charge to your account unless a settlement is determined on your behalf. We negotiate with insurance firms – as you may likely be unprepared and inexperienced to accomplish this yourself. We do not put profits before people, as they often do. We keep you up to date with our progress and pride ourselves in our staff’s communications with clients to keep them aware of our progress.

Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Hurt pedestrians are burdened with significant medical bills and lost income — often requiring permanent care.  If you were the victim of a pedestrian automobile accident – you can work with Fellows Hymowitz Rice to secure a proper settlement to alleviate financial hardship:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Pain & Suffering

We welcome anyone in the Newburgh area  that has been involved with such an car accident with serious injuries to talk with our office to go over the facts of your circumstance and discover the probability of whether or not you are likely to receive a sizable settlement for your losses.   Having a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer representing you can make a difference in the size of your settlement as well as your level of overall success. We negotiate with the insurance companies representing the responsible parties and keep them accountable to the fullest magnitude possible.

Contact A Pedestrian Lawyer Today

In the event that you or a family member has been injured in a pedestrian accident we implore you to seek the representation of a skilled and knowledgeable pedestrian legal professional in Newburgh.    The attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have assisted our clients in securing deserved settlements to move forward after their incident. Call today at (845)639-9300 and have your questions responded to by our knowledgeable staff and begin the process to see if pursuing your case will likely end in an effective resolution.  We do not recommend that you make an effort to pursue such a complex case by yourself and don’t delay in pursuing the compensation you are due as the cases have statutes of limitations that can be quite short.

pedestrian accident lawyer Newburgh