Overweight Tractor Trailer Crashes in Stony Point, NY

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On Wednesday, 11/11, a tractor trailer described by Police as “overweight” overturned on Route 9W in Stony Point, NY, creating a dangerous situation for motorists.

Operators of tractor trailers and large transport trucks are often placed in dangerous situations by the trucking companies that own the rigs. Some truck drivers may be forced to operate trucks that are out-of-date on safety inspections, have defective safety equipment, or have improperly loaded or “overweight” cargo.

These are just a few examples of how mistakes and negligence by trucking companies can make an 18-wheeler a serious safety hazard on New York and New Jersey roads and highways.

Police said that the tractor trailer was carrying too much weight at the time of the crash. The tractor trailer hit a utility pole along Route 9W at around 1pm last Wednesday. This accident caused the truck’s cargo to spill out on to the road and led to a dangerous fuel leak which required Rockland County’s Hazardous Materials Unit to clean up the mess.

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Thankfully, the incident did not cause any serious injury, but it shows how quickly accidents involving tractor trailers can become dangerous and even life-threatening. When owners of trucking companies put tractor trailer drivers in precarious situations by forcing them to carry overweight loads, it puts all drivers at risk.

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