NY Police Crack Down on Drunk Driving Following St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

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Last Tuesday, March 17th was St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that celebrates the wonderful, rich traditions of Irish heritage in the United States. Unfortunately, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations can sometimes become dangerous when party-goers fail to follow important safety measures to prevent drunk driving. When drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they put not only themselves, but everyone around them, at extreme risk.

For this reason, New York State Police view St. Patrick’s Day as one of the most crucial opportunities to crack down on the selfish and reckless behavior of drunk drivers. Starting last Friday, March 13th and continuing on through Tuesday the 17th, State Police launched a campaign to catch and punish drunk drivers. The goal of this campaign was not only to keep drunk drivers off the road, but also to discourage anyone who may have considered participating in this dangerous practice from getting behind the wheel.

Authorities wanted to remind everyone of the high cost of drunk driving, both in terms of legal consequences and the many lives lost in these types of accidents. In their official statement announcing this campaign, the Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released the following statistics that show the disturbing reality of drunk driving around St. Patrick’s Day.

 Between 2009 and 2013, there were a total of 276 fatalities from accidents involving drunk drivers during or near St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
• In 2012, one person was killed in a drunk driving accident every 45 minutes.
• A majority of drunk drivers that caused fatal collisions had a Blood Alcohol Content of nearly double the legal limit of .08%.

The New York State Police & the National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration urge drivers to keep the following safety tips in mind during all major holidays:

• Plan Ahead: Before you go out to celebrate, have a plan in mind for how you will safely get back home. Plan to use public transit, call a taxi, or designate a friend or family member to be the sober, designated driver.
• Use Community Resources: Many communities in New York have a sober ride program that helps transport people to their destinations safely. Check what resources are available at your local community centers, or start your own sober ride program with your friends, family and neighbors!
• Speak Out Against Dangerous Behavior: If you notice someone making a bad decision about whether or not they are fit to drive, don’t stay silent. Speak to them about the dangerous decision they are about to make, or call local law enforcement and alert them about an unsafe driver on the road. This can go a long way towards preventing a potentially disastrous situation.

In 2014, the New York State Police campaign to prevent drunk driving around St. Patrick’s Day resulted in 184 arrests for DWI and over 11,000 tickets issued for other traffic violations. A drunk driving citation comes with serious consequences, including a maximum $10,000 fine, license suspension, and even possible jail time.

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