Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Is On The Rise

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It is never an easy decision, but sometimes in life, we are unable to provide the necessary care for an elderly loved one and we are left with no other option than to admit them into a nursing home. And while many nursing home and elder care communities are safe, professional, caring and responsible, there are many that are not.

We are forced to trust that the facility and its staff will provide the best care possible for the ones we love. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have seen many instances where the elderly are abused in nursing home and elder care facilities.

Ask a lot of questions. Stay aware. Visit unexpectedly. Visit during off hours. Let the staff know that you are involved and that you are paying attention.

Many times, this abuse goes unreported by the victims for numerous reasons.
–          They are afraid the abuse will continue or get worse
–          They are too confused to understand what is happening
–          They are scared to burden their own family
–          They have been threatened by the abuser and are scared to come forward
–          They feel they have no where else to go
–          They feel helpless

Many victims of nursing home abuse are vulnerable, frail and unable to protect themselves.  The National Center on Elderly Abuse (NCEA) reports on multiple forms of abuse which may affect the elderly.

–          Physical abuse occurs when force is used to harm a victim. This can include hitting,  however it can also include the illegal use of restraints.

–          Emotional abuse occurs when a caregiver causes emotional distress in an elderly victim. This can include threatening behavior and mental anguish through verbal and non-verbal acts.

–          Neglecting to provide food or healthcare can also affect an elder persons emotional stability.

–          Sexual abuse is a serious crime against the elder community. Sexual abuse occurs when the victim is forced or tricked into participating in a non-consensual sex act.

–          Financial embezzlement, theft of possessions and fraud can occur. Sometimes nursing homes and their staff steal from patients. This is referred to as financial abuse. Patients are often tricked into divulging important personal information regarding bank accounts and credit card numbers.  Also, the facility may charge for particular services that they are not providing.

Elderly abuse affects both men and women and people of all different backgrounds. The experienced nursing home abuse attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice are dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly and helping their families get the justice they deserve

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