New Jersey Construction Worker Fatally Injured in Worksite Accident

Following these basic safety tips can help prevent devastating and costly workplace injuries for construction workers. If you or a loved one have been injured by unsafe practices on a construction site, contact the Personal Injury Attorneys of Fellows Hymowitz Rice at 800-660-4878.

Accidents on construction sites can happen in the blink of an eye. On any active construction site, safety precautions must be strictly enforced to keep employees safe while they work at great heights or deal with heavy machinery. Many construction accidents are avoidable, and failing to follow the proper safety procedures can result in devastating injuries.

One such unfortunate and preventable accident took place at a construction site in Jersey City earlier this month. A New Jersey man was fatally injured while delivering drywall when he was struck in the head by a falling tape measure. According to the report filed by Jersey City’s Department of Public Safety, the tape measure came dislodged from the belt of another construction worker and fell 50 stories before striking the man in the head.

The most unfortunate detail of this story is that this accident could have been prevented if the man was wearing his hard hat at the time of the incident. According to authorities, following this basic construction site protocol almost certainly would have saved his life. When interviewed by Fox News after the incident, a coworker at the site was quoted as saying “You don’t work in this environment without a hard hat.”

Entering a construction site exposes workers to heavy machinery, high powered electrical equipment, physically demanding labor, and many more conditions that make it an inherently dangerous environment. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone on the premises of a construction site follows the standard guidelines laid out by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). This checklist contains many important tips including:

– Wear a hard hat at all times while on site
– Wear proper eyewear when in proximity to welding, cutting, and working with concrete or harmful chemicals
– Be sure work gloves and boots fit snugly
– Keep away from exposed electrical equipment until all power is shut off
– Post proper signage that displays surface load capacity, potentially hazardous materials contained on site, and permanent points of entry and exit

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