New Harsh Texting & Driving Penalties for New Yorkers

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Distracted driving is a serious hazard that causes thousands of injuries and deaths in the United States every year. Lawmakers are beginning to crack down on texting while driving, and in New York State, a new law takes effect this month that will bring much harsher penalties for those who can’t keep their phone in their pocket while behind the wheel.

This new legislation, which took effect Saturday, November 1st, promises heavy fines and license suspensions against motorists that are found guilty of texting and driving. A first offense now carries a minimum fine of $200, up from the previous $150 minimum. For second and third offenses, all drivers will now face fines of $250 and $450, respectively.

This new law is also specifically geared towards breaking younger motorists of the habit of texting while driving. In addition to the standard fine, newly licensed drivers will now face a 120 day license suspension the first time they are found guilty of texting & driving. A second offense within six months will result in a year-long suspension. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, these new penalties should make young drivers take notice that “texting while driving is unsafe, unacceptable and downright dangerous.”

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