Municipal Claims Lawyer Brooklyn

Government Claims Attorneys Brooklyn

The Law Firm of Fellows Hymowitz Rice has already established great success in delivering suit against government entities and organizations.  We work quickly to gain the necessary data to demonstrate your injury and prove the entities negligence to substantiate your claim.  With this knowledge and experience we can offer high quality legal advice to secure the utmost damages for your case.

We have successfully pursued claims against government and municipal organizations on the federal, state and local levels — including Brooklyn and the surrounding area. Types of such lawsuits include:

  • Cases against individuals of municipal-owned vehicles
  • Injury sustained at government owned medical facilities
  • Premises accidents / Slip & Fall at Government Buildings
  • Road defects
  • Police involved injuries
  • Public transportation incidents
  • Government organizations must secure the protection of the public utilizing their considerable revenue and resources from tax-payers. For instance, a huge portion of government / municipal responsibility often results from highway defects such as:
  • Potholes
  • Failure to correct known highway issues
  • Weather related highway negligence
  • Structural defects in roads & associated structures
  • Improper lighting

Compensation for Government Claims & Municipal Claims

Our clients normally bring suit against government and municipal bodies to repay bills incurred as the result of their traumas including:

  • Medical Bills (Past & Present)
  • Lost Income (Past & Present)
  • Pain & Suffering (Previous & Present)

At Fellows Hymowitz Rice – we think that once a Governmental or Municipal body neglects their duties to protect the public – causing damage or accident, those harmed should seek payment. 

Contacting A Government Claims Lawyer

In the event that you feel that your injuries or car accident is worth a lawsuit against a government organization or municipality – call professionals at Fellows Hymowitz Rice.  The attorneys at our firm have over 100+ combined years of experience in every types of governmental negligence cases. We can have our experts review the facts of your circumstance and advise you of your legal options.  Please keep in mind that lots of of these circumstances do have very rigid statute of limitations and notice requirements – so that it is best to contact us immediately at (845)639-9300.  No fee will be billed unless we get a settlement on your behalf.

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