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Medical Malpractice Law Firm for Pomona

When a doctor fails to properly treat you predicated on the accepted guidelines of their medical niche – Fellows Hymowitz Rice law firm will be ready to pursue your case if a resulting injury occurred. When doctors make incorrect diagnosis, improperly interpret test outcomes, perform surgical mistakes or elsewhere neglect to properly treat patients —  medical malpractice might have occurred. An experienced medical malpractice legal professional with knowledge in your unique case type will establish liability/negligence and fight for your rights and a good settlement.

Fellows Hymowitz Rice lawyers have a combined 100+ years of practical experience handling all types of medical malpractice cases. We have successfully worked on our arsenal of medical experts to place the blame where it belongs and navigate the complex circumstances presented in medical negligence cases in Pomona and beyond to get justice on behalf of our clients.  

Please note that not all medical mistakes or poor medical results are the consequence of medical malpractice. To prove malpractice there are guidelines as to whether or not the practitioner or healthcare provider failed to practice according to accepted medical standards  – and for that reason is liable for the injury or wrongful death outcome. An intensive investigation into your case facts and medical charts review can help us establish liability.

The following is a partial set of medical malpractice cases we’ve pursued with great success & large settlements:

  • Errors During Surgery
  • Defective Medical Products
  • Birth Injuries
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Hospital negligence
  • Improper Diagnosis

Settlement for Pomona -Area Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice victims deserve proper compensation – Fellows Hymowitz Rice negotiates suitable settlements including:

  • Pain & Suffering 
  • Medical Expenses
  • Future Care
  • Lost Wages & Lost Future Income

We are dedicated to getting the correct results for our clients. We take care of all information on your case so you can focus on your own health in the years ahead. We pride ourselves in our office staff’s communication with clients so they understand how their case is proceeding. Tough cases allow experienced firms like Fellows Hymowitz Rice the chance to rise above our opponents & all cases are taken on a contingency basis — no charge unless we get a settlement for your lawsuit.

Contacting A Medical Malpractice Attorney

With our 100+ years of combined experience – Fellows Hymowitz Rice believes we are the best firm for most medical malpractice claims.  Call our office today at (845)639-9300 to discuss the details of your case and secure an expert legal professional that works hard for best results. Keep in mind that most medical malpractice cases do have a statute of limitations for filing – so its always best to contact a medical negligence lawyer sooner rather than later — to begin reviewing the reality of your case.  Fellows Hymowitz Rice proudly service the Pomona area for many accidental injury cases and also have the proper experts inside our network to properly represent medical malpractice clientele.

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