Intergenerational Living Concept Improves Quality of Life for Thousands of Nursing Home Residents

January 13th, 2017 Nursing Home Abuse

Entering a nursing home or assisted living facility is never an easy decision. It is difficult to find elder care that is warm and inviting, and has the requirements necessary for independent living or assisted living.

Oftentimes when the elderly move, they begin to feel isolated, cutoff from the world as they know it or become bored and stagnant from lack of socialization.

Residential and Care Center Humanitas, a long-term care facility in the Netherlands, has broken the mold of an ordinary retirement home through a new concept called “inter-generational living.” Specifically, the retirement home offers free rent to local college students in exchange for 30 hours a month spending time with the residents.

This concept combines two very different age categories; college students and senior citizens. Studies show social isolation and loneliness is fatal among elderly citizens, but interaction with young people can instead be life-affirming.

Once a typical, mundane retirement home, Humanitas has evolved into a vibrant, lively environment for both the students and residents alike. Residents are now entertained by the young lively spirits and quick wit, with impromptu break dancing sessions, graffiti art classes and even pajama parties being a common occurrence.

This new merge gives the residents something to look forward to everyday.

This movement has migrated to the U.S, with retirement homes in Cleveland offering free rent to music students in exchange for regular recitals and concerts. Additionally, elder citizens in Finland and France offer low rent to students in need of somewhere affordable to stay.

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Below, learn about a Dutch student’s personal experience living in the Residential and Care Center Humanitas:

With depression and isolation being a common occurrence in nursing homes, it is important to give back by spending time with our older community. The smallest act of kindness can make all the difference in someone’s life.

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