Florida Man Permanently Injured Following Illegal Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed by Black Market Practitioner

December 7th, 2016 Personal Injury,Serious Injuries
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Would you believe that a Florida man, wanting to enlarge his penis, went to a black market practitioner, a South Florida woman, who had been performing illegal surgical procedures.  The victim first went to Nery Carvajal for facial and butt injections.  He liked her and returned for a penis enlargement.  The fake doctor allegedly injected his member with a mysterious substance.  Instead of seeing big results, he was disfigured.  The procedure was performed in a warehouse which makes the whole story creepier.  Carvajal plead guilty to performing medicine without a license and was sentenced to three years in prison.  The victim told police that his penis was less than an inch before the surgery and he was embarrassed by its small size and unable to have intercourse.

The outrage is the sociopath fake doctor who unnecessarily maimed the Floridian.

There is no way that creams or pills can actually make a penis bigger and it is sad that some men are so desperate buying into the premise that “size matters” that they are willing to try anything.  We thought you would find this interesting, more interesting than the usual boring personal injury lawyer blogs.

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