Fellows Hymowitz Rice Donates to Center for Safety & Change for Purchase of Sexual Assault Kits at Nyack Hospital

July 21st, 2017 Community,Sexual Assault

Sexual violence and abuse, whether physical or emotional, always brings with it psychological effects all too often post-traumatic stress, depression and other mental health issues.  Domestic violence is a national health epidemic.  Domestic violence has remained hidden for too many years.  Many survivors of domestic violence are now coming forward and the Center for Safety & Change in Rockland County is a safe haven for those survivors to heal and to reach out to other victims.  The Center provides shelter and a variety of supportive services, including counseling, referral to local prosecutors for survivors, albeit having to overcome the degradation of abuse and try as best to move forward toward empowerment, autonomy and self-esteem.

In an effort to support those survivors and especially victims of rape, Fellows Hymowitz Rice has recently made a donation to the Center for the purchase of sexual assault kits for use at Nyack Hospital.  The kits are available when a rape victim is brought to the hospital and allows forensic evidence to be gathered by a sexual assault forensic examiner (SAFE).

Nyack Hospital is a proud partner with the Center for Safety & Change.  The hospital provides compassionate, non-judgmental medical care for anyone reporting a sexual assault.  The hospital has on staff a team of medical professionals who serve as forensic examiners.  These are experts trained at comprehensive assessment, identification and documentation of injuries, both physical and mental, sustained by sexual assault victims.  The hospital staff understands that the emotional and social impact of being raped and sexually assaulted.

Funds our law firm have donated are for the purchase sexual assault kits, which can be used by forensic examiners to conduct no cost assessments of sexual assault survivors and rape victims ages 12 and up.  It is critical to collect evidence at the time a rape or sexual assault victim comes to the hospital.  The evidence can be analyzed and used for prosecution of the perpetrator.

To learn more about the services and programs at the Center for Safety & Change follow this link.

The attorneys and staff at Fellows Hymowitz Rice are honored to be involved in our community and support not only the Center for Safety & Change, but other not-for-profits in the County of Rockland that provide a variety of services to meet the needs of our fellow citizens.  United – we can all make a difference.

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