Fall May Increase Accident Risk for Students Walking to School

October 15th, 2013 Uncategorized
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As fall daylight shortens parents are urged to make sure that their children are as safe as possible as they travel to school and after-school activities. Daylight savings begins November 3rd, and will further reduce the hours of visible sunlight each day.

In the fall season many motorists may not account for the diminished visibility during their daily commutes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that children on their way to and from school may be at a greater risk being hit by a vehicle during the fall months. Children who walk, ride bikes, or wait by the road for school buses are all at increased risk.

There are several simple steps parents can take to help make sure their children are protected as they travel to and from school:

Children should always be taught correct road crossing procedure. They should know they must always look both ways before crossing the street, even in a residential setting. They should never wear headphones to listen to music while walking to school, as they will be less able to react to road hazards such as a car approaching. A knowledge of all cross-walks and street signs along their route is also critical. Kids are never too young to learn the rules of the road.

Kids should wear brightly colored outerwear while walking to school and all after school activities. Children should always wear at least one reflector on their backpack, bicycle, and scooter. Reflectors are sometimes the only thing a driver will see that will alert them to the fact that there is a child near the road.

Children should be taught to walk slowly, never run. This gives motorists more time to notice them and adjust their driving. Running also increases the chance a child will fall into the street, where he or she may not be seen by a passing driver.

Children, especially those under the age of 10, should always be accompanied by an adult as they walk to school. When an adult is not available, kids walking to school should always use the buddy system and walk on the sidewalk, never in the street.

If your child follows these simple rules, they will be well on their way to enjoying their school day while reducing their risk of being in an accident.

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