Don’t Let Pokémon GO Cause a Distracted Driving Car Accident

October 7th, 2016 Distracted Driving
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An insurance company staged a fake car crash on the Miracle Mile in Chicago. They made it appear that a distracted man playing the popular Pokémon GO video game on his phone accidentally crashed his car into a hot dog vendor.

The insurance company staged the accident to call people’s attention to the dangers of Pokémon GO.  The Pokémon GO phenomena has triggered safety warnings as players forget to stay aware of their real, and not virtual, surroundings when on the move.

Pokémon GO is just one aspect of distracted driving, whether it’s using a cell phone, texting, eating lunch or combing your hair while driving. Don’t get distracted:

• Pull over if you want to put lipstick on.
• Pull over if you want to make a phone call if you don’t have hands-free capability.
• Do not text while driving because when you look down to text you might look up a second before you crash into another car.

Pokémon GO has been boon for retailers. Don’t make it a boon for personal injury lawyers.

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