Millions of Americans are exposed to dogs on a daily basis. Whether you own a dog, pet sit, babysit for a family with a dog, or simply take walks around your neighborhood, you are more than likely to have been in close proximity to a dog. Dogs are often praised as a “man’s best friend” due to their companionship and loyalty, however, people rarely consider the lingering dangers these animals can pose.

Pit bulls, Huskies and Rottweilers are among the several breeds of dogs that are susceptible to human attacks due to their aggressive nature. People tend to turn a blind eye on dog attacks, but the reality is that millions of Americans are sent to the emergency room each year to be treated for dog bite injuries. These injuries could land you in the hospital for elongated periods of time, resulting in permanent scars and hindering your ability to perform daily tasks.

Dog bite injuries are a severe public health issue that requires immediate medical care and attention.

The effects of a dog bite injury can be life changing- you could lose permanent functionality of your hand, develop an infection or become incapable of working. This doesn’t even include the excessive medical bills and continual trips to the doctor’s office that could be the result of a dog bite injury.

We may think all dogs are just as friendly as our own, but we must remember all dogs are not the same. To view our informative infographic on dog bites in the US, click here.

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