Dog Bite Lawyer Greene County

Greene County Dog Bite Lawyers

Victims of dog bites and attacks can require huge amounts of medical care as their incidents may include:

  • Deep Skin Lacerations
  • Fractured Bones
  • Scars 
  • Infection
  • Psychological & Emotional Issues

Fellows Hymowitz Rice attorneys experienced huge success in pursuing victim settlement for dog bite conditions. A lot like other injury cases – dog bite lawsuits take their own complexities and intricacies.  A dog’s owner may maintain denial that their dog would bite, or may choose never to communicate or otherwise be uncooperative. That is when knowledge and experience in this legal area becomes critical to the success of your circumstance and in attaining a settlement.

Seeking Damages: Dog Bite Lawsuits

Our attorneys have assisted clients in attaining maximum payment in dog bite situations for:

  • Medical Expenses (previous & future)
  • Lost Income (previous & future)
  • Pain & Suffering (past & future) 

To properly pursue such a case, a full investigation must be conducted, plus a review of medical files. Our lawyers create a case based on if the dog has been a problem before and whether state and local regulations regarding containment (leashing / securing) have been adhered to.  We work to establish whether negligence has occurred and any liability can be put on a specific party. We only charge for our services if a settlement is found on your behalf. As many types of insurance companies & business insurers are involved — they bring varying issues in dealing with the insurance adjusters.  We believe a victim in Greene County is best served using a lawyer to handle all discussions with such insurance companies.

 Contact a Greene County Dog Bite Lawyer

With over 100+ years of combined experience in all areas of personal injury, the legal professionals at Fellows Hymowitz Rice provide you with the best chances for maximum payment possible.  If you or someone you care about suffered a dog bite with injuries, timing of this phone call is critical to start a case review and file suit prior to the statute of limitations runs out. Consult with Fellows Hymowitz Rice dog bite experts at (845)639-9300 to secure proper legal representation — and we don’t charge any fees unless a settlement is secured.

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