Deadly Accidents Could Be Due to Faulty Guardrails

October 10th, 2014 Product Liability
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Every time you drive down the highway, you pass miles and miles of guardrails. Guardrails are put in place to prevent and to minimize injury when struck. They are designed to protect you by absorbing the impact of a crash in order to decrease your risk of injury when in a car accident.

However, what happens if guardrails is defective and does not perform as it should? It has recently been reported by an ABC investigation that one company is producing guardrails that do not perform properly.

Texas based company Trinity Industries is the manufacturer of the new ET-Plus guardrail system. Trinity Industries changed their original end terminal (ET) guardrail design by shrinking a piece of metal from five inches in width to four. This slight modification decreased the crashworthiness of the guardrail system, and since its introduction, the ET-Plus has killed and maimed drivers who have collided with it.

Many people have suffered due to the new ET-Plus guardrail system because it does not work properly, and this is unacceptable. The dedicated product liability attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have represented many people who have been injured due to faulty products and have brought many victims the justice and financial compensation they deserve.

The ABC network conducted an investigation which revealed some disturbing facts related to Trinity Industries introduction of the ET-Plus guardrail.  According to internal communications within Trinity Industries, the new ET-Plus would save the company $2 per unit, which averages out to $50,000 annually and $250,000 in five years.

The author of the internal email continues to claim, “I’m feeling we could make this change with no announcement.” Trinity Industries did not inform the Federal Highway Administration of the changes made with the new ET-Plus system; instead they claimed the new patent documents inadvertently omitted the new design specifications.

Click here to read Trinity Industries internal email.

Sean Kane, president of The Safety Institute told ABC news, “Clearly I think there is a safety issue. What we’re seeing is real-world crashes around the country where the guardrails are not performing as intended.”

Despite the multitude of catastrophic injures sustained due to the ET-Plus failing to bend back when struck, as it is intended to do, the Federal Highway Administration has cleared Trinity Industries of any charges and approved the use of the ET-Plus, as it meets all federal safety regulations.

All manufacturers are obligated to make products that are safe for the public. When one is injured due to faulty product designs that are knowingly produced and sold, someone should be held accountable.

Negligence on the part of product manufacturers and distributors is never acceptable, and those who suffer serious injury due to the negligent acts of others deserve justice. Currently there are multiple lawsuits pending against Trinity Industries. Victims of the new ET-Plus system have suffered loss of limb, serious injuries and, in some cases, loss of life.

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Click here to read ABC News report on Trinity Industries new ET-Plus guardrail design.


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