Construction Injuries and Fatalities on the Rise as Inspections Decline in New York

January 23rd, 2017 Construction Accidents

New York City is booming with constant construction of emerging restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings and office structures and renovations. When there is such high demand for construction needs, safety regulations and appropriate training can become overshadowed.

With budget costs and strict deadlines being of top concern to builders and contractors, they often jeopardize the safety of workers by neglecting safety, proper training and the use of old and not maintained equipment.

As a result, New York City construction workers are getting injured at very high rates. To shed light on how many workers are affected, read the statistics below:

-Construction-related injuries and fatalities increased from 128 in 2011 to 435 in 2015, and many of these injuries are not reported

25 construction workers were killed in 2015

33% of fatal construction accidents go unreported

-Number of safety inspections by OSHA and NY State fell from 2,722 in 2011 to 1,966 in 2015 – That is 756 less OSHA inspections last year

-Falls accounted for 59% of all construction-related deaths

70% of New York State construction sites resulted in safety citations

-Most fatalities occur on non-union work sites

93% of violated sites were non-union construction sites

899 construction workers were fatally injured in 2014 across the U.S. Falls accounted for 359 of these deaths.

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Construction sites should be a safe place for workers. Companies, Employers and contractors have a legal obligation to follow the many safety protocols to ensure the highest level of safety for workers. And workers should have the proper training, have access to safe and well-maintained equipment and the employer should follow the proper safety guidelines.

If you are an injured construction worker in New York or New Jersey, it is important that you know who to call in the event of a tragic workplace accident.

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