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Orange County Construction Injury Attorney

Fellows Hymowitz Rice has already established great success in pursuing settlements for our clients who’ve suffered injuries in construction accidents.  As your lawyers, we look to review the facts of the case, your medical records and the data supporting liability and/or negligence. We have been called upon to utilize both construction site personnel and non-workers; passersby or visitors near the site which can be incredibly dangerous who have been injured.  As with any personal injury case – each has its own details which may influence the level of results. A Orange County construction legal professional at Fellows Hymowitz Rice can properly help you of your best route to success – and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Part of our review of your case calls for the fine details – ensuring ordinances, building codes, safety and labor laws, OSHA etc were all properly followed. This can help to establish liability of the party or organization(s) (building owners and contractors etc) we plan to file suit with, and uncover any negligence on their part. Our construction accident legal representatives will work to assemble evidence, talk to experts, review your medical records and work toward a favorable settlement to pay your medical expenses, lost wages, etc.  We do not believe construction schedules and cost overruns should put any construction worker or passerby in harm’s way.

In our 100+ combined years of experience we’ve brought suit with respect to many construction site personnel injured on job sites.   We’re knowledgeable and experienced in every construction trades — having the skill to vigorously check the reality of the case versus construction guidelines and safety/labor laws recommended for a safer work site (i.e. NY State Labor 200, 240 and 241(6) and the Industrial Code).  We establish liability and vigorously seek financial settlements with respect to our clients. 

Ladder, Scaffolding & Elevator Lawyer In Orange County

Building codes, safety regulations and labor laws all work in order to make structures safer & the construction of said structures an accident-free experience. Frequently construction companies forego safety for profits and make poor choices creating potential issues for personnel on the job sites. Many of these regions of negligence on the construction site include safety hazards are brought about through poor choices regarding ladders, scaffolding, hoists, and elevators.

Scaffold Injuries

Several construction site accidents stem from injuries sustained from improper scaffolding. These areas of scaffold negligence for construction companies include:

  • Poor Scaffold Construction
  • Unsafe Scaffold Set Up
  • Any Unsafe Conditions Arising Around Scaffolding
  • Code & Build Code Negligence In Regards To Scaffold Erection / Use

Ladder Falls

We assist clients who have suffered serious ladder related injuries on both construction sites and “regular” jobs including:

  • Stock Room Ladder Falls
  • Small Businesses Using Ladders for Various Tasks
  • Improper Training On Ladder Use Leading To Serious Injuries

Orange County Elevator Accident Law Firm

Elevator accidents take into account some of the worst jobsite and construction accidents.   Negligent installs of elevators and improper safety measures often lead to construction and workplace injuries:

  • Elevator Drops
  • Stuck Doors
  • Elevators Not Opening Properly At Floor Level
  • Elevators Doors Catch On Medical Equipment Or Cause Direct Injury

Fellows Hymowitz Rice has assisted clients who’ve sustained serious injury by elevator accident.   We have found many to be liable and accountable for these injuries including manufacturers, property managers, installers & maintenance companies.

We have been successful in securing compensation for injuries at construction sites for violations of labor regulations and improper safety devices that have resulted in serious injury and wrongful death.  If these scenarios describe the situations that lead to your injuries or the increased loss of a loved one we urge that you call our office today.

Securing Full Compensation

The Fellows Hymowitz Rice law staff know how to properly investigate your claims, prove negligence and establish liability – resulting in full compensation for your injuries and related expenses including:

  • Pain & Suffering 
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages (past and future)

It is advisable to have a attorney do all negotiations with insurance firms and that means you do not accept low offers that won’t cover your expenses.

Contact A Orange County Construction Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member has been injured or lost their life in a construction accident it is imperative to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable construction accident attorney as soon as possible.   Quite often there are conditions and evidence that must definitely be kept intact for a proper investigation. Addititionally there is proper timing needed due to statutes of limitation (allowing a window of time after injury for suit). Contact our Construction Accident Attorneys at Fellows Hymowitz Rice today at (845)639-9300

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