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September 10th, 2014 Boating Accidents,Personal Injury law
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The summer is coming to an end and lots of people are venturing outside to enjoy what is left of the beautiful weather. You see motorcyclists, children on bikes, and of course, the local lakes and rivers are filled with boats either fishing or out for a recreational ride.

There are many hazards that surround outdoor activities, and most people obey safety rules by sharing the roads and waterways kindly with others. However, there is always the select few who disregard the law and by doing so, risk serious injury to others.

Recently, a 51 year old male operating his boat on Lake Mahopac created a great risk of accident and injury to himself and others by recklessly operating his boat while sharing the lake with other vessels. The sheriff’s Marine Unit was patrolling the lake when its Sergeant saw a personal watercraft heading directly toward another boat before veering off.

The boat’s operator now faces criminal charges, including reckless operation of a watercraft.  The personal injury lawyers at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have represented many victims who have suffered serious injury due to the negligent acts of others. Operating a watercraft at high speeds without caution of others is certainly considered reckless and poses the risk of great harm to those around.

When boating, there are certain safety precautions that must be taken in order to ensure a safe and pleasurable day on the water. These safety precautions include:

– Check the weather forecast. If you notice darkening clouds, a change in wind patterns or a sudden temperature drop, it is wise to get off the water.

–  Make a pre-departure checklist. Prepare for anything you may need on the water. Make sure all precautions have been taken and that safety rules have not been overlooked.

–  Use common sense. Operate at a safe speed, stay alert and steer clear of other watercraft.

–  Captains should designate assistants for the day. Make sure more than one person is knowledgeable in boating safety regulations. Confirm that more than one person on the boat knows how to operate it. Be sure all drivers have received the necessary licenses required to operate watercrafts.

– Develop a course map. Predetermine the route you will be taking and estimate how long you should be sailing. After your route is prepared, always make sure a family member or dock worker knows your plan in case anything goes wrong on the water.

– Know how to swim and make appropriate use of lifejackets. Avoid drowning by wearing a floatation device at all times. Fit everyone for the proper sized life jacket before departing the dock.

– Avoid drinking alcohol while on the water. The probability of being involved in a boating accident doubles if drinking. Plus, the effects of alcohol are increased by the sun and wind.

Fellows Hymowitz Rice, accident and injury lawyers in Rockland County, NY advocate for safe boating practices. At Fellows Hymowitz Rice accident and injury law firm, we represent victims of boating accidents and see firsthand the aftermath of these avoidable and preventable accidents.

At Fellows Hymowitz Rice we are passionate about educating the public on boating responsibly. The accident lawyers at Fellows Hymowitz Rice have represented too many seriously injured victims and their families who suffer from the selfish act of reckless operators of cars, motorcycles, tractor trailers, boats and other watercraft.

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