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Greene County Birth Injury Attorneys

Fellows Hymowitz Rice has assisted in numerous cases in which a newborn was injured during the birthing process.  If you have a birth injury medical malpractice court case – it’s important that you look for the most experienced and knowledgeable legal professional to yield favorable results and proper compensation.  Birth injuries are any harm to the newborn (functional or structural) during the child birth. When medical malpractice is suggested – these injuries are likely due to improper decisions, negligence or inaction on the part of a medical expert or the facility they represent.  These injuries can include oxygen-related injuries, bleeding, medication or improper selection of delivery method. These are a few of the conditions that arise due to a birth injury:

  • Deformities
  • Developmental Issues
  • Lack of Muscle Control
  • Severe Fatigue
  • And other life threatening issues

Parties that could be held liable may include doctors, nurses, medical facilities and corporations who supply medications & equipment found in delivery.  An assessment of the medical records will see whether the doctors performed their jobs properly and did all that was possible to keep both the mother and the newborn safe. Fellows Hymowitz Rice works with medical experts who specialize in analyzing every type of birth injury plus we have attorneys who have successfully protected the rights of our clients in such instances for over 100 years combined.  We can determine whether your case has worthiness – confirm medical malpractice has transpired and hold the parties responsible responsible for a maximum settlement amount.

Birth Injury Compensation

There are no “average settlement” amounts in birth injury lawsuits as each case and scenario is unique.   A call to our law firm begins the medical file review process and we can examine whether or not you are likely to receive settlement.  If an assessment by doctors implies that medical negligence or malpractice occurred – you could be eligible to receive a settlement for your medical bills as well as related damages for the emotional/psychological pain your loved ones has experienced.

A Birth Injury Attorney In Greene County

If you believe your newborn was injured during childbirth  – call Fellows Hymowitz Rice (845)639-9300 We have successfully helped numerous clients before pursue justice in the form of compensation for child birth injuries.  We will setup a no-cost consultation (near Greene County) and get started reviewing the facts and medical records for your case. We will show you through the procedure & continually be available for questions and issue updates on our progress.  If a strong case exists, our attorneys will show you your very best options going forward to get justice and proper settlement.

child birth injury attorney Greene County