A Tragic NYS Thruway Crash Takes the Life of a Woman

June 16th, 2017 Car Accidents

A 45-year-old Rochester resident was struck and killed by a freightliner box truck. Her car was hit in the rear and then struck several other vehicles causing a 5-car pileup. State Police are still investigating.  One might consider this a freak occurrence, but unfortunately crashes like this happen all too often.

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An accident reconstruction expert when asked several years ago what he considers to be the most unsafe way to operate a car on the thruway replied, “Never drive with a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler behind your car.”  He admonished, “Pull over to another lane and let the truck pass you.”  This advice can save lives.

All too often, large trucks are operated by drivers that are tired.  A tired driver cuts down on perception and reaction time.  Please keep these safety points about large rigs on the road in mind so that you arrive safely at your destination.

  • Large trucks need more time to stop – it is never safe to pull in front of or ride too close to a large truck – large trucks take longer to stop.
  • Always keep a safe distance – large commercial vehicles make sudden and frequent stops – you want to make sure that they know that your vehicle is behind them even though it’s always better not to follow behind an 18-wheeler.
  • Large trucks have larger blind spots – never stay within a truck’s blind spot and if you are in doubt as to where the blind spot begins and ends safely, move to another location on the highway.
  • Large trucks need more space to maneuver – it is more difficult for large trucks to make turns, switch lanes and suddenly stop – that said, it is harder for truck drivers to detect precisely what is in their immediate surroundings.

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