$660,000 Pain and Suffering Settlement

July 26th, 2016 Results,Uncategorized

A husband and wife, whose vehicle was struck by tractor trailer while waiting to pay a toll, received a $660,000 pain and suffering settlement.  Both clients required spinal surgery. This settlement was achieved despite a major unexpected obstacle which arose when the victims’ own insurance company “became the enemy,” and refused to reimburse the surgeons; claiming the procedures were not medically necessary! In a subsequent arbitration, our firm was successful in overturning the denial and the victims’ insurance company was ordered to reimburse 100% of the surgery bills.

Fellows Hymowitz took on a difficult case which ended in a positive resolution. The professionalism and dedication of the entire staff was overwhelming. They handled my case as if it was there own. There was no double talk or redundant paper work. They kept the case moving forward in a positive flow with continuous communication and explanation of each step. I highly recommend this firm.

- Anonymous