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Train Accident Lawyers

Trains, buses and
taxis are involved in
accidents that cause
life-changing injuries
and even deaths.

Whether you are commuting to work or traveling across the country, millions of Americans rely on public transportation to get them safely to their destinations. Unfortunately, when railways aren’t well maintained, when hurried or distracted drivers try to cross the tracks before a train pulls through, or when conductors are inattentive, accidents will happen. These accidents cause devastating injuries and in many instances would not happen if operating rules, regulations and maintenance standards were followed.

You should not have to pay for a careless train or subway
operator’s negligence.

Fellows Hymowitz may be able to help.

Bus Accident Lawyers

With the rise of gas prices, more commuters are using public transportation. As the use of buses grows, so does the number of bus accidents due to driver negligence, impaired or distracted drivers, dangerous weather, roadway conditions and improper maintenance. Bus crashes are often devastating.

You should not have to pay for the carelessness of a bus driver or the improper maintenance of a bus fleet.

Fellows Hymowitz may be able to help.

Taxi Accidents

More than 241 million people ride in taxicabs in New York alone each year, with over 53,000 taxi and for-hire vehicles in operation daily. Accidents happen approximately 11 times each day. Taxi crashes involve pedestrians, bicyclists, messengers and other vehicles. Improper fleet maintenance and repair may also be a factor. The rate of injury in taxicab collisions is often higher than in cars, as few taxi passengers buckle up.

If you have been involved in a taxi accident, be sure to take down the driver’s full name, license number, the taxicab license plate number, and the name and number of the taxicab company if you can. Then call Fellows Hymowitz.

You should not have to pay for a taxicab driver’s negligence or the carelessness of a fleet owner.

Fellows Hymowitz may be able to help.