Property Owners in Washington Heights Fail to Maintain Sidewalks Causing Woman to fall 5-feet

August 16th, 2017 Premises Liability

As the owner of property, whether residential or commercial, you have a legal duty to keep your property free from conditions that are obviously dangerous or arose from a failure to maintain the property.  Defects such as a broken walkway, unleveled pavement, a missing handrail are just examples of an accident waiting to happen.  If anyone falls on your property, whether it is residential or commercial, legal responsibility may attach.

Recently in Washington Heights a woman was preparing to sell flowers.  The sidewalk, on which she was standing, began to crumble.  She fell 5-feet into a basement and broke her leg.  Fortunately, she was not killed and because of good fortune is alive and in stable condition.

New York City has placed a partial vacate order on the basement where the collapse occurred.  The owners have been issued violations for failing to maintain the cellar vaults and their surrounding sidewalk.

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Injuries because of defective sidewalks, pot holes in parking lots, broken stairways, missing banisters and railings, malfunctioning lighting, debris and a variety of other conditions often arise from neglect whether by an absentee landlord or a property owner just not caring.

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