Common Baby Products Can Result in Injuries to Infants

May 22nd, 2017 Child Safety

Babies get injured every eight minutes from using nursery products. More than 66,000 kids under three end up in emergency rooms annually. Why? Because of accidents involving “nursery products” e.g baby walkers, bouncers and changing tables.

The most common injuries occur with baby carriers (20%) followed by cribs/mattresses (19%) and strollers (17%). 81% of injuries were to the head, face or neck.

A researcher conducting the study at Nationwide Children’s Hospital did not intend to point a finger at parents or manufacturers. However, he stated that “if the products had a different design that made them easier to use, there would be less injury.”

The study’s lead author and director at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital previously worked on a 2001 American Academy of Pediatrics physician statement which outlined design flaws of baby walkers. Manufacturers responded positively by widening baby walkers and changing the wheels to make it more difficult for children to roll down the stairs. The new study’s author hopes that recent findings inspire some of the changes.

There are ways parents can insure products are safe and are being used safely. It is recommended that one checks for recalls, researches the product, reads the product manual and registers the product. To check for recalls, visit A parent can sign up for recall email alert at that site.  Incredibly, 80% of recalled children’s products are never returned.

Parents who don’t buy new products should be extra cautious. Do not use cribs made before June 2011 because of new safety standards. Also, avoid used car seats because the history of the product can affect its safety. As an example, a car seat that survives a crash is often weak.

Always be vigilant when your child is in a stroller, crib, baby walker, bouncer and be extra cautious when your infant is on a changing table.

If a product fails despite your vigilance and good parenting, we at Fellows Hymowitz, PC are here to protect your child’s rights and interests if a design, fall or product defect causes injury.

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