Nursing Home Evictions Are On the Rise

March 16th, 2018

Many nursing home actually evict residents after their better-paying Medicare coverage ends and replaced by Medicaid that pays at much lower rates. As an example, after Debra Blansfield had the lower half of her leg amputated, her nursing home where she was recovering told her that insurance would no longer pay – it was time…

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Panera Bread recalling cream cheese products.

Panera Bread is recalling cream cheese products. Call Fellows Hymowitz, Because the Right Lawyers Make a Real Difference. February 1st, 2018

There has been a national Panera Bread voluntary recall of cream cheese products from its bakery/café’s. This includes 14 locations in the Hudson Valley after one of the cafés showed listeria contamination. The organism is called listeria monocytogenes. It can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in children and the elderly and those with compromised…

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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home December 1st, 2017

Think carefully before you select a nursing home.  A congressional committee recently released a report revealing that 1 in 3 nursing homes in the United States have been cited for abuse of residents.  Nursing home abuse and neglect was reported 9,000 times over two years according to a report of the Special Investigations Division of…

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Beware of College Campus Dangers

students drinking October 27th, 2017

Your son or daughter have left home and are adjusting to college life.  Keeping them safe while on or off campus is a parent’s first concern. Hazing incidents, binge drinking and sexual assaults heighten a parent’s normal concerns. Alcohol is the number one culprit.  82% of college hazing deaths involve alcohol.  Sexual assaults used to…

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To all of our clients and friends, have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

happy halloween October 23rd, 2017

Costumes are being dusted off, new ones are being made, jack-o-lanterns are being carved and the legend of Sleepy Hollow lives on with the headless horseman. There is excitement in the air as families and children in the metropolitan area decorate their homes for both a fun and sometimes frightful night. Whether you plan to…

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Heartless Friend Leaves Woman to Die After Fiery Crash on Gowanus Expressway

car on fire October 19th, 2017

Last week in Brooklyn a man was driving on the Gowanus Expressway with a woman passenger.  Driving at a high rate of speed he lost control crashing into a concrete barrier.  The vehicle burst into flames. Instead of coming to the aid of his friend, this callous and despicable driver left the car and hailed…

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Lawyer kills girlfriend’s dog and is disbarred.

October 4th, 2017

Attorney Anthony Pastor was convicted of a felony after he was accused of killing his girlfriend’s 4 year old dog, Snoopy.  He repeatedly hit Snoopy who died in August of 2016 of head injuries and broken ribs. The judge said that Pastor had shown “incomprehensible violence” and that the dog was in excruciating pain before…

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Dirt Bike Rider Seriously Injured in Crash with Drunken Probation Officer In Washington Heights

September 29th, 2017

A man was a passenger on the back of a dirt bike without a helmet.  The bike crashed into a car.  The dirt bike passenger was thrown into the air and suffered a serious head injury when it smashed against the ground.  He was rushed to NY Presbyterian Hospital with a massive head injury.  The…

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Dahlia Charter Bus Driver Caused Fatal Crash in Queens

September 26th, 2017

Last week, a Dahlia charter bus driver was speeding and ran a red light resulting in the death of the driver, a passenger on another bus and a pedestrian.  The driver struck a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus making a right turn.  Sixteen people were also injured on that bus.  The force of the crash sent…

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Do You Know Which Sports Pose The Greatest Risk Of Concussion?

September 20th, 2017

The beginning of the sports season can be an exciting time, but it is critical to keep in mind the risks associated with many elementary and high school sports. According to the American Academy of Neurology, football, rugby, and soccer pose the greatest risk of concussion to athletes. A concussion is a form of a…

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